Friday, February 8, 2013

Important reasons of Child Labor: An analysis to save poor children.

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  • Why children work outside?
  • Does parents send their child to work intentionally?
  • Why child labor is increasing?
  • Is there any false believe about this issue?

Reasons of child labor are very important thing to discuss. It’s true that child worker is increasing day by day regardless of many efforts to stop this. Now it upraises questions on whether our social efforts and values are adequate to eradicate this child labor problem. In my opinion we’re giving less effort in determining precise reasons of this social problem.Therefore present solutions of child labor are not working perfectly as we expected. We cannot deny that Child labor in Middle East, Africa, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is increasing. So after analyzing I’ve listed some important reasons of child labor in this article.

Poverty and child labor

Poverty problem can be considered as one of the foremost reasons of child labor. Because according to the World Bank more than 1.29 people are living under extreme poverty. There is no doubt that among these people around 60-70% living in developing countries where the average income of families remained very low. For many of these families child labor issue is a very painful truth to deal with. In most of the cases poor families force their children to work in order to stay alive or to live a better life. Now two prominent factors of poverty that encourage the child labor are given below:

  1. Low parental Income causes child labor:

    In every poor family parents earning are very less due to different reasons. Now the question is on whether every poor family sends their child to work or not. Answer is certainly not. Because of strong campaign against child labor now days some families in developing countries send their child to work. But obviously the amount is not negligible.
  2. Children work secretly:

    To support family some children run away or furtively work outside of the home. In this exceptional case most of the children show over maturity by thinking that family needs his or her help. So these children from poor families furtively go to work instead of school. 
Now from humanity point of view we cannot actually blame these poor parents for child labor. Because when survival is the main issue the child labor issue obviously should not bear any importance to them. So here we can blame the country’s economic condition and government actions strongly.

Children are cheap source of labor:

It’s very understandable that cheap labor source is important for business growth. But using children as cheap labor source is very unethical. Although some owner in developing countries always use children to get things done easily and cheaply. Because giving 10 bucks to a child and 100 bucks to an adult worker can make a huge difference in profit. Therefore to cut the labor cost owners go for child worker instead of adult worker.

Over Population causes child labor to increase:

If a country is over populated then child labor is a regular problem to deal with. South Asian countries like Bangladesh are the best example to give in this regard. Over population creates unemployment and the ultimate result is poverty. As I have told before that poverty is one of the main reasons of child labor.
Now amusingly it’s not always true that excess of population create child worker. Because if a country has enough resources and job opportunities to feed the mouth of all then poverty issue should not bear any importance. But if the resources and job opportunities are limited then to feed the excess population cheap source of labor like children can be employed in different forms of work.

Unemployment of elders encourages child workers:

If the elder members of a family become unemployed then untold miseries are unavoidable. Most of the cases families suffer to fulfill the basic human needs if senior members are unemployed. Therefore some parents send their child to work instead of school. Interestingly children get work easily because they can be paid less than adults. Children are also more submissive and easier to exploit.

Parental Illiteracy and child labor:

Illiterate Parents also cause child labor to increase. An uneducated parent never realizes the harmful effect of child labor. Some parents bear the false believe that working makes a child perfect. So from their point of view children should be sent to work as early as possible. Some parents develop their false believe even further. They think that children don’t have the right to become educated only because they are illiterate. So these parents send their children to work without considering their age. Because of illiteracy some parents don’t realize that their child is working outside secretly instead of going school. And those who have their own business force their children to involve in family business instead of sending them to school.


  1. Great Artical
    I was wondering if you can help me with some sources, I have a thesis that I am starting to research for. My Topic is some what similar. But it has to do with kids that have parents on drugs and are vulnerable to street gangs. Here in the United States we have a Big Problem with kids getting involved in drugs and gangs. I need Credible resources for my research just wondering if you can help me out?

    1. Sorry for late reply. Few years ago I read a publication regarding the issue you mentioned. Here is the pdf link:

      Hope this will help you if you are still in your thesis work. Good luck

    2. so sad for child labor. I did a project on it

  2. I love your information, just a quick question : Are you an expert in child labor, agriculture or population? I need a few experts for my assessment. Thank you!

  3. thanks for the information given.
    this katwere livingstone from kampala uganda; we are also here fighting for child labour in ou country

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