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Bacha Bazi in Afghanistan: An example of child abuse and molestation

Bacha Bazi in Afghanistan
Bacha Bazi or Boy Play is a very clear example of child abuse and molestation in twenty first century. It is very hard to believe that in Islamic countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan child abuse, molestation, trafficking and other related crimes are very common.
Although in these countries different child welfare organizations are trying to protect child from being abused, but when I hear that Afghan men are practicing Bacha Bazi for nearly 5000 years then I really become amazed. It is very surprising to know that those particular societies in Afghanistan don’t consider these activities as a crime. Then the question is how they define these activities? Well as far as I know they take it as a social prestige. The local name of this weird practice is ‘Bacha Bazi’.  

What is ‘Bacha Bazi’?

The meaning of afghan word “Bacha Bazi” in English is ‘Boy Play’. You might be thinking that this ‘Boy Play’ is somewhat similar to the stupid activities of well known pornographic magazine ‘Play Boy’. Well let me tell you it is quite different and even worse than that. In the name of ‘Bacha Bazi’ small boys of age 10-15 are forced to wear the dress of girls and entertain some people by dancing in front of them and fulfilling their sex desires. Most of these boys are parent less or from very poor family. In some cases child traffickers supply kidnapped children to rich and powerful male patrons. These male patrons are from the every class of the society starting from the farmer to government officials. They pay the price for these boys by looking at their face beauty and body structure.

Reasons of ‘Bacha Bazi’

Well it is very hard to understand that why some afghan people practice this weird system. Every social system in Afghanistan such religion, Media and government is against bacha bazi. But the question is that why the hell bacha bazi still exist in afghan society? I have two reasons in my mind. They are-

  1. First reason that comes in my mind is religious factor. As a religion Islam is very strict in some cases such as woman’s hijab, sexual relation with other woman except wife, homosexuality etc. Of course these strict rules are for human betterment and I must say Afghan people really follow hijab principle strictly. But the question is what about the other two principles I mentioned above? It is very funny to know that even prostitutes in Afghanistan follow the hijab. Because of this extremely conservative society poor afghan men enjoy lesser or no chance to have sex with girls except marriage. If someone gets caught for sexual relationship with woman then unbelievable punishment is unavoidable for both genders. So the sexually aggressive afghan men go for homosexual relationship with boys in the name of ‘bacha bazi’ without caring the Islamic principles. 
  2. Second reason is quite similar to the first one except the religious factor. From my childhood I have been hearing that afghan people always fight for their country. I don’t know when this never-ending fight will end but I have tremendous respect for afghan people. Because they love their country and they are proving it every day by fighting with imperialist America. So for this never-ending war environment, afghan men are always busy in the war field and get less chance to have sex with their wife. Even some fighters spend their life without marrying! So in this situation homosexuality is somehow difficult to stop for sexually aggressive afghan fighters. And of course young boys are the best choice and an easy way to have a homosexual relationship in afghan society. Now the following quotes will help you to understand the mind of an afghan fighter who was interviewed by a renowned journalist. 
Quote 1:
I like boys, but I like girls better
Quote 2:
It’s just that we can’t see the women to see if they are beautiful. But we can see the boys, and so we can tell which of them is beautiful.

Actions taken against Bacha Bazi

It was the Taliban government who strongly tried to stop Bacha Bazi. They were quite successful to prevent this tradition by implementing Islamic principles strictly. But after the American invasion in Afghanistan this tradition returned. Now-a-days you will hardly hear any news of punishment regarding child abuse. Now In this point two funny things to be noticed- 
  • Afghan government punishes extremely for having sex with unmarried “girl”. 
  • Afghan government never punished anyone for having sex with “small boys”. 
Isn’t it Weird? From my point of view it is extremely weird and stupid. Moreover to validate these dirty works they invented wrong description of Quranic verses and published them to general public. Another important thing is that many powerful people in the society practice this inhuman system. For this reason few government efforts failed and Bacha Bazi sustained successfully by some Afghan society.


  1. It may include to some extent child pornography, sexual slavery, and child prostitution in which prepubescent and adolescent boys are sold to wealthy or powerful men for entertainment and sexual activities.[1] Bacha bazi has existed throughout history
    and it should be kept in mind that, some researches are not carried out until and unless you go through and be the figure of the society concerned!

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