Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Are Facebook and Twitter creating more atheists? Analyzing dangerous acts of atheist extremist

Before Facebook and other social networking sites there were very few people who could describe the concept of atheism. But now a twelve year boy can give you a lecture regarding atheism. There is no doubt that atheism gained the popularity due to social networking sites. Everyday thousands of anti-religious
pages are created in Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Amusingly most of them are against Christianity, Jews and Islam. So now the question is that why these atheists are so active in Facebook? Is the number of atheist people increasing? Or a different story is playing in front? Let’s find out through these questions:

Why atheists are active in social networking sites?

Social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Google plus are used by nearly more than half of the population of the world. Undoubtedly It’s a huge and without moderation media to express your thinking. So atheist people mainly use these social networking sites to be expressed easily. Moreover each time when they post something thousands of users like, share and comment on those to support them. And you would find zero religious people commenting against them to give a better view. By seeing this non practicing religious people often get nailed. Besides its always easy to upload anti-religious photos and videos that can affect the pious mind of religious people. That's why atheist people use social networking sites extremely.

How atheists are using Facebook and Twitter against religions?

Some atheist people are extremely active in the facebook and constantly posting against religion. Most of these bloggers have several facebook and twitter account. They never disclose their true identity. Instead they use attractive names and demi pictures to get more public exposure. The posts and pictures they publish are really awesome. First they talk about science, rational thinking and reality and after that they bring religion into it. Actually their main slogan is that religion doesn’t go with science and rationality therefore it should be avoided.

Is number of atheist people increasing through social networking?

Sadly yes. We cannot deny the fact that number of atheist are increasing. But the increasing number is not that high as it seems. You will often find that anti-religious posts get more likes and supporting comments in facebook, twitter, Google plus and other social networking sites. Some people take this number to count. But please don’t become fool. There are many hacking apps which can provide thousands of like in a second. Moreover some atheist extremists create several fake accounts to comment in their own post to publicize them. When people say something against them they simply delete those comments. Therefore they remain undetected and force the others to hate own religion.

Present status of Atheist people in social networking sites

Total number of Atheist Atheists using social networking sites Number of extremely active users
1,134,560,000 (approx.) 794,192,000 397,096,000

What are the future consequences of atheists activities?

Future consequences are dangerous in many regards. Firstly if the number of atheist people increase in this way then a scenario of social imbalance is unavoidable. Already there is a fight between different religions and inclusion of atheism can only make the things worst. Secondly, atheism can swept away our social values which we have been practicing for thousands of years. Because we all know that atheism is not a religion and it doesn’t teach us ethics and values. Thirdly, atheism makes a person extremely rationalist in real life situations. That's why they always suffer in maintaining and making new relationships.


  1. Atheist extremist: Posts snarky comments on social media.

    Theist extremists: Murders people.

    1. O Really!! You mean, Hitler didn't fire snarky shots to innocent people !!

    2. Shoeb --- Hitler may have been anti-Catholicism but it's not clear if he was really an atheist. In fact his drive to kill the Jews stems from Christianity. In 1922, he gave a speech in which he said "My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter [...] who [...] recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them." In Mein Kampf, he wrote "I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator." In 1941, he told Gerhard Engel, one of his most decorated commanding officers, "I am now as before a Catholic, and will always remain so."

    3. As far as Hitler's religious views you might find the following article instructive: http://www.nobeliefs.com/hitler.htm

    4. 1. Hitler has been dead for decades, and committed suicide well over half a century ago.
      2. Hitler's religious beliefs or lack thereof are extremely controversial as he gave many Christian speeches, and used the Bible to justify his hate of Jews. It's extremely unlikely that he was, and the fact that he used Christianity to justify it, suggests he couldn't with atheism. Also, many atheists were in holocaust camps, not as many as Jews, but back then, atheists were probably a lot less likely to be vocal of their beliefs, hence why religious people keep claiming atheism is new, I've heard this from 13 year olds, its crazy.

      3. While Stalin, Mao, e.t.c. called themselves atheists, and were horrendous dictators, I think thats hardly any basis to judge over half a Billion people who are constantly calling out the immorality of religion in both everyday life and holy books. Also, whether they were actually held the same beliefs as modern atheists isn't set in stone, as they were sociopathic, attacked religion for personal gain and greed not progress, of which there is substantial evidence, Stalin was even reported to open churches back up at one point for so and so reasons. They were not looking for social progress, and as have said before, while it might seem like a stretch, I might even say their atheism was more that as dictators they saw themselves as gods. I hope you found that helpful.

  2. "Already there is a fight between different religions and inclusion of atheism can only make the things worst"."

    hat do you mean by "included?" You think atheism should be made illegal? We're the only ones who don't go around trying to slaughter people.

    1. As atheism is getting religious ground day by day, I will not surprise if an atheist god concept come in the picture.

    2. Shoeb --- in place of god, atheists worship reason and science which is more healthy and constructive. With the onset of the European Renaissance (14th to 17th centuries) instead of a non-existent and non-empirical God, "Man is the measure of all things." as propounded by the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Protagoras. Ironically part of the reason for this rekindling of the European Renaissance or going back to the great ancient Greek ideals, was Islam itself - which discovered the Greek civilization going back earlier during the reign of the Abbasid caliph Harun al-Rashid (786 to 809). But Islam being highly restrictive only used it expediently to meet its practical daily needs until we see it migrate to Europe where it exploded. The result --- man started to question religion and God, science took a central place and it ushered in all the innovations and technology (including the industrial revolution) we see today. From aircraft, automobiles, trucks, trains, medicine, electricity/light, modern farming to space research, telecommunication, the Internet, tv's, mobiles phones, and the very computer you are using for your debates today.

    3. (facepalm)
      That utter stupidity is beyond me. Do you not understand the concept of definitions Shoeb? Do you? Atheism = without god, the utter fucking opposite of theism, it is anyone without an active belief in a God. That is the dictionary definition, while there are people who describe themselves as atheist, but believe in God, they are not actual atheists, they are just ignorant of suitable terms, like Deist for example. Atheists are not advocating wars, or taking away peoples freedoms, we are not oppressing anyone, we want education, knowledge and critical thinking for everyone, and as long as religion, that will be threatened and opposed by close minded bigots.

      Atheists are a minority in every single country except for France, where they still only make up 40% of the population. Look at France, completely sustainable energy use, nuclear power and wind turbines in mass scale, they are doing well and often get tourism. I don't understand your position.

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