Saturday, March 14, 2015

5 Negative Effects of Mobile Phone In Our Social Life

Have you ever wondered that how mobile is harming your social life? Well, If you start listing all possible harmful effects then it might take forever, as every year we are discovering new dimension of effects.  For example, according to a research paper in clinical science, scientists found that extensive use of wifi enabled device like mobile
phone can do irrecoverable damage to male productivity. Apart from some health issues, there are many other ways a mobile phone can be your enemy of stable social life. I have listed some of them in this post. Hope it would help you somehow.

Mobile phone defines social class.

There was a time when rich people tend to use their appearances, communication skills and car models to differentiate them from others. Now the inclusion of mobile phone in that list has only increased the distance between different classes. Let’s draw a situation for instance. You have just bought an IPhone 6 from a renowned shop (AWESOME!). Next to you another person is trying to buy an IPhone 5c and you saw that transaction. What will you think in that very moment? Will you sigh on him? I believe, most of the people (99%) will feel superior and proud in that moment, because the society and corporates taught us to feel like that. And that superiority feeling doesn’t stop there, it leads to division of our society on larger scale.

Mobile Phones have more apps. So people remain busy

Remaining busy is not a bad thing at all. It helps us to be productive and resilient to bad habits. But remaining busy with smartphone’s unnecessary apps and ignoring the social contract is not good at all. Spending time with friends, family and stranger can strengthen the social bond. But smartphone apps and games are somehow making the social distances larger. For example, if you hop on a bus in Korea or Japan you will see that 80% of the passengers are doing something with their smartphone apps. They will not show any interest to talk even you are willing to.

Watch this TEDx video on negative effect of mobile phone addiction

Mobile phone helps to create new relationships. So old relations break

Mobile phone is very much responsible for destroying our old relationship. Although it sounds strange but the true fact cannot be denied. Mobile phone makes it so easy to create new relationship that one or two call is enough for someone to make a new girlfriend. However the married couples are facing the greatest miseries of all. In western and Asian countries you will find that the court of marriage is full of divorce requests, where most stories involves with cheating one another. This constant changes in our relationship status can create social instability which actually grows over time. As a result, many people try to avoid the social relationship and even remain unmarried over their life. They can somehow blame their lovely little smartphone for their situation instead of blaming God.

Mobile phone keeps people busy in job and business

Think about this situation - you are in first date of your life and suddenly your boss or business partner call you for important reason. Surely your girlfriend will not like that. However mobile phone makes business dealings easier but it also leaves a dark spot in our important relationships.

Mobile phone Discourages social gathering

Social gathering is becoming a rare occurrence in present societies. As the mobile communication has developed largely with extreme reliability, people tend to finish their social communications over phone. Moreover, smartphones with other inbuilt apps like Facebook and twitter has made the communication so easy that people can spend their whole day by sitting at home without caring about social gathering. As a result people become unsocial and less communicative which is not good for a society.


  1. Well I can tell you 100 more. But the fact is we can not avoid its positive aspects as well. Thanks for sharing this post

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  2. While I agree that (as with all technologies) mobile phones have their negative side, especially as relates to the social side of the human life, it's not all doom and gloom. In fact,I find this article to be very weak since it talks only about the negative side of things without ever mentioning the positive change/developments it brought about.I would take this article seriously if it was written in a well-reasoned and well-balanced manner - by putting into consideration all the pros and cons of this new technology - but instead I came away feeling that the writer is highly biased. To put this in perspective here is a link about the benefits of cellphones ---

    1. Well, the purpose of this article was to bring out some negative social impact mobile phone. There is no doubt that mobile phone has immense social benefits as well. But in some society people just want to consider the positive sides and ignore the negative effects. I hope this article might help those society slightly. Cheers.

  3. The excessive use of anything could be harmful for us either it is mobile phone or anything so we should use anything in limit and make the perfect use of such thing likewise today we see that most of the students use mobile phones while study this is not good for them if they think that.

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  5. Proper grammar and spelling seems to be another problem. This paige is filed with miss takes.

  6. This issue how have cell phones changed us socially really needs our attention, teens are too addicted to the social network and phones that are coming out these days are only allowing them to get more and more addicted and connected ie. apps for facebook, twitter etc. Which leads to no active life and for safety issues, it's good that nearly all kids/teenagers have cellphones so we can keep contact with them.

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