Saturday, May 27, 2017

What would happen if there was a dominant muslim country like USA and Russia?

It would be quite messy for sure! I have seen Muslims showing their frustration for not having a country who would speak and fight for them. They argue that a Muslim-dominant nation like USA and Russia would not only help stopping any western invasions, but also help Muslims to progress in science, technology and education. Actually, I do agree with them. I, however, also think that there are some negative issues which might not be good for any sides. Lets discuss those negative issues.

Religious War would be eminent

This is the first thing that came into my mind. You might argue that we are already in a religious war, as Muslim countries facing constant threats from Christian dominant nations like USA. But, a powerful Muslim nation would take this issue to an another level. The world would become a place of religious competition where deaths of innocents would rise to millions. We all know how territorial Muslims are, and Christians and Jews are no different. War would take place for silly things.

Globalization would be impossible

Whether you agree or not, globalization is an important factor in progressing and surviving as humans. Now, if we give Muslims and Christians more reasons to be conservative, then you know the consequences already. A influential Muslim nation will increase the religious nationalism of Muslims to a level where they would not think twice to attack other countries. For instance, USA as a dominant christian nation is currently involved in 7 different unnecessary foreign interventions.

Other small countries would be in constant trouble.

Small countries might find the balancing of relationship quite difficult. For instance, If a neutral country does any business dealing with one group, say with christian majority countries, then you can imagine how muslims would put pressure on that country. I think, most of the secular countries would be in constant fear of losing trust of Muslims or Christians, and making enemies in the process for no apparent reasons.

Scientific discoveries would take more time

In case you do not know, millions of Muslim students are doing research in Europe, Canada and Australia. They are enriching our understanding of science and technology. If you somehow create a world where scientific research becomes a political war place, then this globalization of research would not happen.


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  2. It is terrifying just to think about the possibility of this to happen. It would really mean the end of the world. People are suffering enough from them without them being muslim.